STIR/SHAKEN for TDM networks - with Austin Spreadbury

In this episode I'm joined by Austin Spreadbury of Metaswitch (Microsoft) to discuss the latest updates in STIR/SHAKEN.
In our discussion, Austin Spreadbury (the Microsoft Program Manager responsible for Robocall solutions) and I take a look at the new ATIS specifications covering some options for using STIR/SHAKEN for calls passing over TDM networks. We also discuss how the STIR/SHAKEN roll-out has been going so far, and speculate about what the future holds.

You can read more about the items we discussed at the following links:
- Austin and I previous chatted back in February 2021, and you can watch that video here.
- ATIS 1000095, Extending STIR/SHAKEN over TDM
- ATIS-1000096, SHAKEN Out-of-Band PASSporT Transmission Involving TDM Networks
- ATIS-1000097, Technical Report on Alternatives for Call Authentication for Non-IP Traffic
- My written review of the above specs: here and here
- YouMail Robocall Index (stats on robocall volumes)
- TransNexus stats on calls with STIR/SHAKEN certificates

You can read more about Metaswitch's solutions for robocall blocking and STIR/SHAKEN on their website.

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