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Building a UCaaS Platform for Partners to Sell - with David Ansehl of Reinvent

In this episode David Ansehl talks about the state of UCaaS / Hosted PBX as we come out of the pandemic, discusses the benefits over traditional PBXs, and explains Reinvent's model of selling through whitelabel partners.

Translations, LNP and Archaeology - with Rita Reinke

Rita Reinke joins me to talk about her best practices for switch translations, why LNP causes so many problems, and why she'd rather be excavating an archaeological site than working on a switch.

IP Networks for VoIP - with Nathan Littlepage

Nathan Littlepage joins me to discuss the importance of IP networks for VoIP and some best practices for architecting a resilient network.

Taking care of clients and living in a van - with Dave Capece

An interview with my former coworker Dave Capece, where we share a little about our history together, the value of best practices, how to take care of clients, and why Dave was Zooming with me from a van in the middle of the desert.

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