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How to complete projects successfully - with Tara Kelley

In this episode I'm joined by Tara Kelley from Coosa Business Solutions to talk about the vital role project management plays in the telecoms world.

Why phone numbers should be on a Blockchain - with Noah Rafalko of TSG Global

In this episode I'm joined by Noah Rafalko of TSG Global to discuss an alternative approach to stopping unwanted robocalls and spoofed caller ID, using a blockchain.

A new MaX UC client and support for nomadic 911 - with Jo Ramachandran

In this episode I'm joined by Jo Ramachandran from Microsoft to talk about the new version of the MaX UC desktop client, and the new features added to support Ray Baum's Act for nomadic 911 subscribers.

Are we supposed to block illegal robocalls? - with Mark Lindsey of ECG

In this episode I'm joined by Mark Lindsey from ECG to discuss what regulators expect of service providers when it comes to robocalls. When are you required to block calls? When are you permitted to block them?

Why you can't put your switch in the cloud - with Mark Suto of Toly Digital

In this episode I interview Mark Suto from Toly Digital. Toly has been serving rural ILECs for 25 years, and Mark has a great perspective on how to identify new products based on customer needs. He also shared some great insights on the challenges of moving voice service to the cloud given NECA requirements.

Integrating TelcoBridges Media Gateways with Metaswitch - with Alan Percy

In this episode our guest is Alan Percy of TelcoBridges, and we discuss the recent announcement of a partnership between TelcoBridges and Metaswitch.

Inside the ATIS Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force - with Alec Fenichel of TransNexus

Another discussion about STIR/SHAKEN for TDM networks with Alec Fenichel, Senior Software Architect of TransNexus. Alec was part of the ATIS Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force that developed the new ATIS standards that provide some options for TDM networks.

Why are my calls marked as spam? - with Greg Blumstein of TrueCNAM

In this episode we interview Greg Blumstein, CEO of TrueCNAM. TrueCNAM provides real-time reputation data on callers which is used by carriers to mark calls as spam, and we discuss how these reputation scores are determined, and what callers and carriers can do if their calls are being flagged as spam.

STIR/SHAKEN for TDM networks - with Austin Spreadbury

In this episode I'm joined by Austin Spreadbury of Metaswitch (Microsoft) to discuss the latest updates in STIR/SHAKEN.

Transforming lives with fiber internet and a mule - with Keith Gabbard of PRTC

In this episode I talk with Keith Gabbard, CEO of Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative in McKee, KY - about his early embrace of fiber broadband, and the impact gigabit internet has had on the local community.

Network monitoring, DDOS and American Idol - with Marc Matthews of Kentik

In this episode I'm joined by Marc Matthews to reminisce about the early days of Metaswitch, and discuss how carriers can create a more resilient network through improved network monitoring and observability.

Champing at the BITS - clocking for TDM, VoIP and 5G - with Jim Olsen of Microchip

In this episode I talk to Jim Olsen from Microchip about network synchronization. What is clocking, why does it matter in TDM networks and why will it continue to be important in the future.

The middle-man: how does an IXC provide value - with Roy Martindale of USA Digital

An interview with Roy Martindale of USA Digital about what it's like to provide class 4 services in today's network.

The story behind Award Consulting - with Stephen Denny

In this self-indulgent episode, Andrew talks with Stephen Denny, the first consultant to join my team at Award Consulting, about our story so far. How did Andrew come to start consulting as a freelancer, why did he hire Stephen, and what has happened to the business since then.

Why did Microsoft buy Metaswitch, and what's going on in the telecoms industry - with Matt Townend of Cavell

In this episode, I talk with Matt Townend, executive director of the Cavell group about his history in the telecoms industry along with his thoughts on Microsoft's acquisition of Metaswitch, and other big-picture industry trends. Matt also discusses the Cloud Comms Summit, the leading vendor-agnostic event for Service Providers focused on the Cloud Communications industry.

The modernization of 911 calls - with Mark Grady of INdigital

In this episode, I talk with Mark Grady from INdigital about his 39 years in the independent telecoms industry along with the history of 911 calls and how INdigital has been working to bring 911 into the 21st century.

Lessons from launching Hosted PBX and management through EOS - with Jim McCarthy of Northland

In this episode I talk with Jim McCarthy, President of Northland Communications about their experiences launching a hosted PBX product over the past few years - and I also pick his brain about the EOS management approach.

Building a UCaaS Platform for Partners to Sell - with David Ansehl of Reinvent

In this episode David Ansehl talks about the state of UCaaS / Hosted PBX as we come out of the pandemic, discusses the benefits over traditional PBXs, and explains Reinvent's model of selling through whitelabel partners.

Translations, LNP and Archaeology - with Rita Reinke

Rita Reinke joins me to talk about her best practices for switch translations, why LNP causes so many problems, and why she'd rather be excavating an archaeological site than working on a switch.

IP Networks for VoIP - with Nathan Littlepage

Nathan Littlepage joins me to discuss the importance of IP networks for VoIP and some best practices for architecting a resilient network.

Taking care of clients and living in a van - with Dave Capece

An interview with my former coworker Dave Capece, where we share a little about our history together, the value of best practices, how to take care of clients, and why Dave was Zooming with me from a van in the middle of the desert.

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