Why are my calls marked as spam? - with Greg Blumstein of TrueCNAM

In this episode we interview Greg Blumstein, CEO of TrueCNAM. TrueCNAM provides real-time reputation data on callers which is used by carriers to mark calls as spam, and we discuss how these reputation scores are determined, and what callers and carriers can do if their calls are being flagged as spam.
For more information on some of the topics, check out the links below:
- TrueCNAM: https://truecnam.com/ - you're welcome to contact their team to query your score.
- More info about legal vs illegal robocalls (although remember that the reputation is based on whether calls are unwanted, not whether they're illegal).
- The FCC Fourth Report and Order on robocalling says "We require that all originating voice service providers know their customers and exercise due diligence in ensuring that their services are not used to originate illegal traffic."
- FreeCallerRegistry is a collaboration between several reputation providers (representing the major wireless carriers) where you can register a business and try to improve your reputation score.
- Jolly Roger Telephone is taking the fight back to the scammers.

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